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Published June 6, 2012 by swanielwolfambrosia2010

Hey people!  Another update….

Just wanted you to know that I just checked out 4 more books…and downloaded the Inaugural Address of President JFK.  So if anyone wants to hear what I been doing, there you go.


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School Update!

Published June 6, 2012 by swanielwolfambrosia2010

Hey people!  Been awhile, so here goes:

I’ve been going to school the past three days, today included, so here’s what I’ve been doing:

Monday-day one:  Introductions, Syllabus, Course Overview, What’s Literature?

Tuesday-day two:  Short Fiction + Fables (handout), Discuss Elements of Fiction, Writing Exercise No. 1

The writing assignment was to do one of two things:  either to write a brief fable on either An Appointment in Samarra, which I know from the mini I had a season ago, The North Wind and the Sun, or The Turtle and the Two Geese, or write a fairy tale set in the present with Godfather Death in mind, which was due to day.

Wednesday-day three:  Finish writing assignment and discuss An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge, by Ambrose Bierce.

Yesterday, I had to buy a USB cable for my e-reader so I could get the full book by Colonel Sanders from the KFC Facebook page, and for those of you who are fans of the page, get it!  I haven’t read the autobiography of Colonel Sanders yet, but I will, and when I’m done, I’ll write a review on the ebook itself.  Download it, it’s free! I had to buy a USB cable for my e reader at dollar tree, and then I had to walk all the way from dollar tree to the college and do a few mins of FBing….then I went to class, basically, that’s my story of yesterday.

Wednesday-day three:  Discuss An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, by Ambrose Bierce, and finish writing assignment no. un (one in Italian, I heard Joe Bastianich say that in Masterchef last year….).

God let me do my story….it had a very swell ending [in a good way, in Jesus’ eyes, don’t get me wrong!] and I turned it in when class was bound to end and now I’m chilling.  Yay!  All I gotta do is read the pages 3-5, 62-70, 83-88, 119-128, and 91-96 of my used English textbook.  And how to do the MLA format of the 6th ed. of A Writer’s Reference tonight….Hopefully I can read those on the way home and write a few notes at home when I read them again.

So, that’s it….Hey, should I do a blog for literature review, now that I want to stay active in my reading?  Comment and let me know!


♥Maverick Swaniel Genji♥

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