Published March 1, 2013 by swanielwolfambrosia2010

Hi people! Here’s my update for y’all:
I met a new acquaintance by the name of Colin McCormick, aka CollinTheNice on GaiaOnline yesterday. I didn’t get in trouble for staying at Carl’s Jr., where we met and talked for the first time. We never knew each other from Adam nor Eve….until yesterday, after my appointment with Dr. Marranzini, my endocrinologist. I had stayed until 7, and, after a text from him-and I didn’t know it was that soon-this morning. Monday is my first time going to his apt. I don’t know about you, but we have more in common than once thought. After all, he is the second most charming man in my life so far (yes, Daniel Paul Harrienger II still counts as No. 1). I’ll be 21 in a month and 29 days, so if I update on that day……let’s just say I probably won’t be on FB that day until homework is done….if it’s done early, I will post a birthday vid on YouTube, if need be. And if I really need to put myself on the line for a Story of the Day…….I will do that on my Lit Blog. As you can see, I’ll be a pretty busy woman during the 25th of this month, the first day of class……if I pass English 1302, then I will do 3 blogs and a Daily Story from either my kindle or a book. I will tell you in advance that it won’t be an easy motivational trip to paradise, however. Anyway….
I will probably be cleaning my room all night tonight, so I won’t have to be yelled at tommorrow morning, when I will probably or maybe not blog the next update, which will be short and sweet. But in the meantime, SS is in now and I can’t wait to get minutes on my phone and try not to take advantage of my class situation when it starts.
That’s the update…..you know the drill, people!

Until next time,


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