New Update!-Part One

Published March 27, 2013 by swanielwolfambrosia2010

Hey people!  At school, once again….for the mini-semester.  I got a 75.01 on my first quiz.  Pretty decent.  Just need to read more and take notes.  Notes for the research paper, that is.  I want to ask a very challenging question…..and I have to ask two….and I want to know about how history can influence literature.  The World Wars and literature itself, that is…..what I really wanted to do last year but opted out of as well as 2011.

The most complicated part is sources.  How to get them from the internet?  Very complicated.  I must be careful where I get these sources; Wikipedia isn’t acceptable, so scratch that.  Must find something that can get me busy during my days at Carl’s Jr., and nights taking notes at home before midnight.

I need some help on the other question, too, I like cars, I like music, anything besides Facebook.  I might figure that out over the three day weekend.

I’m a go and do some research and try to get this paper done before the end of the term.  Until I get back to you, it’ll be time consuming.



♥Maverick Swaniel♥

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