New Blog Order!

Published June 8, 2013 by swanielwolfambrosia2010

Hello, people!  I’ve been trying to think of a theme for every day of the week, and now I’ve got an experiment that might work….Here goes:

Top Six • Take Six Sundays:  The top six is about which piece of news or any topic I choose has blown me away this week.  The take six is about 6 of anything I’m thinking about…except it will be in random.

Me, Myself, + Music Mondays:  Me = something about me that is recent that either I wish to forget or have happen more often at home. Myself = Something from anything and how I feel about it.  Music = Any album or song that reminds me of something meaningful.

Things That Piss Me The Fuck Off Tuesdays:  This is adopted from DeBie Hive.  Check her out on…..There are things.  And there are things, personal or not, that really just piss me the fuck off, for either a reason or no reason at all.

Wholesome Writing Word Wednesdays:  Writing from a book or from‘s Word Dynamo lists….in a huge or small paragraph.

Things That Take Me Away Thursday:  There are things.  There are things that piss me the fuck off.  And there are things that I have to appreciate more often.

Top 5 • Take 5 Friday:  Same as Sunday….subtract 1.

Top 7 • Take 7 Saturday:  Same as Sunday….add 1.  Same as Friday….add 2.

This is only an experiment, but I hope it’ll attract more people to here…..I’m just hoping.




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