Things That Take Me Away Thursday: 07.18.2013

Published July 19, 2013 by swanielwolfambrosia2010

Hey people!  🙂  Here’s my very first Things That Take Me Away Thursday blog post, so if I haven’t been doing my daily thing, I sincerely apologize.
Last Thursday, I went to the main branch of the public library downtown, and I have been obsessed with this song from The 20/20 Experience (original version), Justin Timberlake’s latest album, from last Thursday, when I synced it into my flash drive.  Ever since then, I have been so obsessed with this damn song so damn badly!  The song is called Blue Ocean Floor, and this song takes me away to the beach of New York City.  I love this song so much!  Another thing taking me away today is the 21st birthday of a dear friend of mine, and this blog post is a shoutout to that friend in North Carolina:  Happy birthday, Dillon Fields!  May God give you happy years.  And another thing taking me away is this group of punk rocker college kids-3 ladies and 3 gentlekitties-having the cutest time of their life at ye olde doughnut shoppe.  And I am laughing at them in my head so hard till I get a comedic hangover….damn.
But anyway, I gotta go and see why this small computer is not letting me type Blue Ocean Floor by Justin Timberlake on what my favorite song is…it depends on the day.  That song will be on my mind for weeks.  See you tomorrow!
Swaniel Angel

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