Things That Piss Me The Fuck Off Tuesday: 10.1.2013 Edition

Published October 1, 2013 by swanielwolfambrosia2010

Hi, people!  I just want to say this one sentence to y’all about my 2 month 10 day absence:

I’m sincerely sorry; I will write more blogs more often cause I can’t afford to go to school right now….I promise to write more often, as long as I am not in school, and looking for a damn good paying job (lemme tell you right now that I don’t care what job it is!), K?

On Tuesday, July 23,2013, after two years of being on this roller coaster of love and failed temptations, Daniel Paul Harrienger II broke up with me.  That made me miss him so bad.  Then 1 month and 27 days later of friendship…We are back together.  This time, I made a vow to just extend my patience, extend my faithfulness to him, and text him every time I get a chance…I tried to text him, but it’s been school, the gym, and other shit that’s separated him from us. But, I’ve got faith and support in him, and that’s all that matters right now.  So, after I get this posted on Facebook.  And, I need to ask someone to post a video of me doing a new-well, new to me-form of solitaire named Auld Lang Syne, which I discovered when I downloaded a 253 kind of solitaire game on my new toy (I know it’s silly to call my droid a toy, but, seriously!), which has fascinated me for the past few months!  So, if anyone wants to, hit me up, please!

What has pissed me off but worried me (but not too much) today: The partial shutdown of the Government.  Lemme get the reasons why I’m pissed bout it:

1. Repubs didn’t realize their risky ideas are the reason why it’s shut down.
2. They get paid during the shutdown, while we, military or civilian, are crashing down to the ground FINANCIALLY.  (On a side note, fellas, meaning I shoulda got a job when I had the chance, but there is still hope!)
3. All national parks are shut down, including Yosemite, turning a bitter 123 years old today.

Now here is the thing that worries me about the shutdown of our empty-hearted but beautiful country of ours:
Our financial situation has gone shitty ever since Bush ruined this country.  And I wonder if we will ever make it out alive…..and that scares the living shit out of me.  It just breaks my heart that my home town, my place of birth, is affected like everyone else… but how much?

Well, that will have to be answered by God.

Anyway, I’m getting a little hungry for mashed potatoes, so I’m a go take a bathroom break and then get the mashed potatoes cooked and ate while my Grandma is out with my uncle.




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