Things That Take Me Away Thursday: 10.3.2013 Edition

Published October 4, 2013 by swanielwolfambrosia2010

Hiya, people!  I sincerely apologize for not writing this sooner, but here is the thing that took me away today–make that five, okay?

1. The Help by Kathryn Stockett
2. Dreams from My Father by #MyFavoritePresident Barack Obama
3. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
4. My Life by #MyFavoriteRepubsince92 Pres. Bill Clinton

Before I go on to tell you no. 5, Nos. 1-4 were bought for $9.70 at Goodwill this morning at 9:11 AM……very lucky time indeed, eh?

Now, on to No. 5, which took me away by surprise….

5. Anne Frank has a stepsister, who is now touring the world, the only living Frank family member to tell the true story of a life that was cut short by Hitler in ’45, a life that rose into fame posthumously, to this day.  And even she was surprised that her diary, Kitty Frank, still lives to surprise us all.  I will have to share the link on Facebook and let the news wow yourselves, once I’m done posting this.

So, that will be it, folks, cause I have to sleep cause I have a not so busy day, so I might (not) have time to do tomorrow’s #top5take5Friday blog post, due to the #timeflieswhenyourehavingfun crap.  I put 3 hashtags on this blog post already, and I am getting used to using number sign as hashtag now.

Buonanotte, and tutti a tavola a mengare (as Lidia Bastianich puts it at the end of her shows)!  Tomorrow’s never promised in this life, or any other life for that matter.




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