Things That Piss Me The Fuck Off Tuesday: 10.8.2013 Edition (Part Two)

Published October 9, 2013 by swanielwolfambrosia2010

Now that I’m at home, and broken-hearted after 48 hours of being single (that was part one, cause I still am), but screw it all!  I’m just glad that celibacy is just the beginning of what is gonna happen for the rest of my life.  Like I said, no more relationships for me.  Just me, myself and I, working on some blog that killed the love connection the last time.  No more, at least, until God reverses this.  He will reverse this. I hope.  If not, then I might as well be a blogger blaming self for not thinking before writing the regrettable for a loooooooooooooooooooooooong time.   And now, you know what?  I’d rather be instagramming right now.  Yet I can blame myself and the Devil and Bush at the same time.  And that pisses me off.  Until God reverses this mistake, it just might as well piss me off.  Sorry.




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