Things That Take Me Away Thursday: 10.10.2013 Edition (Part 1)

Published October 10, 2013 by swanielwolfambrosia2010

Good morning, people.  Another bright and sunny day, another blog post from a single girl who is sick and tired of being single.  Lol.  I might do a part two blog post, I really don’t know.  All I know is that careful soul searching is involved.

I’m wishing a MF would try to tell me that life is fair, but, lemme tell y’all something.  Life is as fair as anyone makes it.  If unfair, it’s your fault.  So, next time you want to do something to something far beyond your control, just realize it ain’t goddamn fair to have a 14 trillion dollar debt because we are cold hearted and greedy.   In our heads.  Not sick, though.  Just lusty, cold hearted and greedy in our minds.  Sorry, America, but Boehner is a Bitch and Obama is trying to tread water, okay?  All you cold hearted Americans need is love.  And boundaries.  As Genesis would sing,  ♪It’s always the same, It’s just a shame, That’s all♪.  Of course, not all men are goddamn dogs, okay?   Okay?

Need to get ready for anger management class in 1 h 44 m.  I just need to get used to this type of routine for shit like this.  I can’t use my phone in group, so I will have to use this time to blog and shit before then.  I will write when I get finished.




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