Top 7 ✪ Take 7 Saturday: 10.12.2013 Edition

Published October 12, 2013 by swanielwolfambrosia2010

Hiya, people!  Here are the Top 7 News Headlines for today:

1.  Saudi Arabian Women Defy Driving Ban
2.  [Remarkably strong] cyclone slams into Indian coast, death toll too early for officials to tell
3.  Sinkholes force Pennsylvanians from their homes
4.  Weight loss supplement pulled off shelves after dozens of reported liver failure cases in Hawaii
5.  New Snowden videos show him accept award and warn of [Dragnet mass surveillance]
6.  Canadian activists imprisoned in Egypt freed to home country:  [it’s really obvious we made mistakes]
7.  New type of meth found in Texas middle school

Here is the correct Epic Rap Battle of History from last Friday:  Adolf Hitler vs. Darth Vader: Part 3.  It’s on YouTube, PLEASE don’t tell me what you think until I get to watch it.




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