Things That Take Me Away Thursday: The Relative/Video Game Thief Took It Way Too Far Today (10.17.2013) Edition

Published October 18, 2013 by swanielwolfambrosia2010

Hi, people.  Today was a wonderful day….for me, at least….until someone in my family took the shit way too motherfucking far while I was gone.  I took myself to the clinic for social work follow up and to make up for my missed field trip to Dairy Queen with my anger management classmates and teacher.  This was my 1st attempt at anger management in 2 years.  Except a new text was given to Amanda and all employees of the clinic I go to now, so it won’t be hard to grasp mental notes to be applied to my life.
When I called grandma to let her know my whereabouts, my uncle was in the vocal background….. and what really took the shit too goddamn motherfucking far was that he was the only person that inspected my room at the time I called grandma about my location and my time occupation.  While I was away!  And, after the class, which was amazing, lemme tell you, I walked all the way from the clinic to home without a bus ride….and the first thing I did, after giving grandma Pyramid 100s reds cigarettes for four dollars and thirty eight cents at Dollar General, was inspect my own room for anything missing…..and, hell, sure enough, there was one motherfucking thing MISSING:  Mortal Kombat Trilogy (classic PlayStation) created in 1996, 4 years after the very first version (super Nintendo) was created, the year of my birth.  That really concerned me, but also pissed me off the motherfucking instant I saw my Mortal Kombat Trilogy missing from my dresser, the last motherfucking place it was this morning after I played it a little bit to calm my nerves due to my interrupted sleep patterns.  I texted him bout this, and I haven’t been getting any response from him whatsoever.  At all!  I may not be pissed off anymore, but I’m still concerned about this, more than being antisocial towards anybody at the moment.

My cousin, Lona, wishes this concern to be put at rest once my shit is recovered.
My friend’s mom, Ritsuka, aka Mrs. Yarborough, told me to get a safe, put All my games in there, and nail the Barker to the ground, in Jesus’ name, in the context of Joel Olsteen….and that my mind is set on doing, keeping my shit safe once and for all, if that’s the first or last thing I’ll do!  Thank you, ladies, for standing up with me on this.  God bless them and those who agree with me tonight.

Lesson: Never, EVER, trust your shit to anyone…. ANYONE… except to Jesus, God, and yourself.  End of story.

You all have a sweet dream, cause this nightmare is bound to get…. Coyote Ugly, yo!  In Jesus’  name!




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