Wholesome Writing Word Wednesday: 11.20.2013 (Part One)

Published November 20, 2013 by swanielwolfambrosia2010

Hi, people!  I apologize for my 13 day absence due to drama, drama, and, more drama!  I promised to blog everyday, but drama and stress get in the way…need to find some seductive muses to distract me from drama and stress…if that can be enough to make a routine I can stick to by 12.5.2013 (my next group), then 2014 will be fun, as long as I’m stable.  Just remember:  if I’m sleep tomorrow, no blog post, and if I haven’t blogged for a while, drama and stress, OK?

Now that the silence is cleared up, let’s get to the subject at hand, brought to you by dictionary.com and Merriam-Webster Dictionary (apps on my tablet, as mentioned before).  From today on, I will post 2 blog posts about the word.  I might even post 2 a day with the daily themed blog posts starting Dec. 1, so please keep an eye on that date, all right?

Today’s word (brought to you by dictionary.com app) is:

Irredentist (noun/adjective)

Sentence for noun meanings:
Although the UIC had popular support, its senior members included irredentists and Al Qaeda veterans, worrying Somalia’s neighbors.

Sentence for adjective meaning:
In Evelyn’s face, I saw the travels of Marco Polo, the fall of Constantinople, the irredentist yearnings of Hungaro-Romanians.

That’s all for part one, folks!  I’m a post part 2 in t-minus 33 minutes!





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