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Top 6 ✪ Take 6 Sunday: 12.15.2013 Edition

Published December 15, 2013 by swanielwolfambrosia2010

Hiya, people!  I really want to take this time to say that last night was not as awesome as the time KORN’s latest album, but I hope Mom will make it up to me.

Here are the Top 6 news headlines:

1.  Newton School Shooting Anniversary this weekend.  My ♥ goes out to all the families of those who died, especially that of the shooter.

2.  Mandela buried in ancestral grounds.  Mandela passed 10 days ago, as you all know, and a lot of my respect and my ♥, as well, go out to the Mandela family…..

3.  Jordan Graham accepts plea deal in newlywed murder case.

4.  New Beatles recordings to be out on iTunes.

5.  NK dictator executes his own uncle.

6.  Khloe Kardashian files for divorce from Lamar Odom….(In my opinion, it ain’t about $.  It’s about how many excuses this dude brings up, and I believe they went too far for poor Khloe)

Only 6 words can describe last night:

The music rocked.  The rest didn’t.

That’s all the time I got, folks.  I will try to get a daily double dose of words of every day starting either today or new year’s day 2014.  I hope sooner, because sometimes life in a flat can be very boring.




Things That Piss Me The Fuck Off Tuesday: 12.10.2013 Edition

Published December 10, 2013 by swanielwolfambrosia2010

Hey people!  Here’s something that will make you go:

Have you lost your mind?!

On today’s episode of Judge Mathis, on the third case, to be exact, a dumbass dude, the defendant, drunk as a skunk and high as a kite, in the words of Judge Judith Sheindlin, jumped off the roof of the plaintiff’s daughter’s house and ended up falling flat on his front side-spread eagle-and ruined the piece of her pool that holds the water!  Judgment was in favor of the plaintiff ($395).

The reason why I got a little po’d at that:  To be honest, synchronized swimmers jump to the water.  Professionally.  But, I guess the alcohol and weed got him thinking wrong.  About flying, like Superman.

That is all for now, folks!  I will try to see if I can start my Words of the Day posts by the time I get to the donut shop or public library today.



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