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…I should nev…

Published January 23, 2014 by swanielwolfambrosia2010

…I should never have believed death had undone so many.
-Dante, The Divine Comedy (’50 Translation), Inferno, Canto 3

Today, two relatives passed away.

And this quote means that wishing death for someone will come to bite you in the rear by godly punishment

Knowing myself, that godly punishment would be dropping into the city of Dis and coming a manchop forever. (Manchop: Satan’s version of raw meat a la cannibalism).  Part of my belief of what Hell is in my head.



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Top 6 · Take 6 Sunday: 1.19.2014 Edition

Published January 19, 2014 by swanielwolfambrosia2010

Hi, people!  This Sunday marks the first Sunday post of 2014 (Sorry I’m late, lol).  Here are the Top 6 News Headlines:

1.  NBC Announces Peter Pan For Next Live Production
2.  New Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis Apologizes For Calling Gays “Pervert”
3.  Coffee Shop Called Flames Goes Up In Flames
4.  Maryland Mother Kills Her Two Children in Exorcism
5.  Lawyer:  Boy Jailed in Philly Shooting Not To Blame
6.  Twin Blasts in Bangkok Protests Wound 28

So, for all you literature freaks out there, here are 6 words for today’s blog post:

Happy birthday to Edgar Allan Poe!

That’s all for this one, folks.  I will blog ya tomorrow!  😉

Love, SwaniRose Morgan.

Things That Piss Me The Fuck Off Tuesday: 1.7.2014 Edition

Published January 8, 2014 by swanielwolfambrosia2010

It’s day 7 of 2014 and I just got repissed the MF off by a flashback:  The flashback of being hit on by a FB friend who wants nothin’ but use me for the P.  A New Yorker TRIED to fuck my relationship with my novio up by hitting me with the truth―which, by the way, pisses me off more than Josh Groban, lol―but, then, I just realized one thing that made all shit clear: If I can prevent such scandals from ever happening again, first promise-not threaten, but promise!-to block, from my FBs, every dumbass MF who doesn’t understand the terms in a relationship, taken, and the most important word that they don’t ever understand:  no.  And, then, just then…should they never….BLOCK ‘EM ANYWAY!  When I blocked that NYer, all I could say to myself was:  Mission A-f***ing-ccomplished.  If I could go back to 2011, when I was procrastinating from community college, because I chose to, I would have my sister, Kayla Maxwell, slap my face with textbook, but, the truth is:  I can’t, so I shan’t, anyway…..*sigh*.  The good news, however, is:  I have blocked a few dumbasses from my FB view as Swaniel, and, boy! do I feel amazing as ever in 2014!  So, all my taken people,

♪If ya happy and ya know it,
Block Scandalous
If ya happy and ya know it,
Block Scandalous
If ya happy with ya lovelife
And really wanna be a hub or wife
If ya happy and ya know it
Block Scandalous!♪

So, ‘member that, and all will watch they mouth once the block is on ’em!  Guaranteed!  #InJesusName

I know, I should have done this blog last Tuesday, but, hey, I will make it up to you all in 2014!  I promise!

55 m before bedtime, so….

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I will see you all tomorrow.


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