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Top 6 + Take 6 Sunday: 3/2/2014 Edition

Published March 2, 2014 by swanielwolfambrosia2010

Hi, people!  Back in action, with a shiny new number and a shiny new toy, lol.  Anyways, here are the top six news headlines:

1) Prince George’s First Royal Tour
2) Jim Parsons’ SNL Monologue Reminds Us That He’s Not Sheldon Cooper
3) FDA Expands Access To Generic Morning After Pill
4) “Cookie Monster” Steals Cash From Girl Scouts
5) 4 Hikers Saved From Flooding In California Storm
6) Pope Hopes Dialogue Can Prevail In Ukraine

I was in church this morning, and all the songs and the closing prayer of that sermon had me in tears so much that I realized I had to re-prioritize my life all over again as I cried from a humiliating embarrassment (mentally and spiritually, of course), but, now that I think about priority, it should be very clear that Christ should’ve been kept in my life and not the Enemy in the first place…..
I really don’t need the Enemy to ruin my happiness again, so tonight I’ll pray for my on again off again love connection to be on….this time, I’m really wishing to be on for good.  If not, might as well put the rest of my adult life in His hands.

It took me more than six minutes to write this, so I will try to rethink life as an individual, who is sick and tired of being the exile, and, if better comes to better, I will continue prayer like I used to, even if it’s at least five minutes a day… soon as things come back to normal with me on my own, then things will be as God intended.


S.R. Morgan

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