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Update: Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Published August 5, 2014 by swanielwolfambrosia2010

Hello, People!  I missed blogging so much the call of updating my life became too strong to deny.  I will blog on Tumblr and WordPress more often from now on…..if I can follow through with this, then I can follow through my promises as a future member of the Catholic Church (more details about this in a 2015 blog post), so here is an update on my life as an individual:

Three months ago, I moved in with my mother and stepfather.

Four days ago, Mom, Stepdad and I moved into a spacious 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment.  I saw it thrice, and felt comfort and happiness at once.   After last minute packing the day before, I was relieved to have moved from the ghetto inferno that has burned me for 15 years.

 Three months ago, I switched payees and got my first debit card.  I was getting $40/week for allowance, but now I get $50/week, plus $63 for the cell phone bill.

This morning, I paid my library fines ($29.70 [$28.70 for the fines, $1 more for paying it all online]) and for the change of address to my TX ID ($11).  In between all this, I ordered $66.39 worth of 5 books and 3 video games, and ordered $21.12 in Kindle books.

This just in:  Wi-Fi and cable are back in session!  Now I can play some Skrillex and Korn on my tablet without incident!  ^^  Now I can rule the universe, lol.  I really can’t wait for my stuff to come on either grandma’s birthday (8/11) or the 26th of this month, so I can get to pay my phone bill 9 days in advance and get some more stuff on Amazon.

Gangland’s on H2, and I am very happy today. I might be able to blog later on tonight’s Things That Piss Me The **** Off Tuesday.  Thank God for another day.  And a bunch of first time things, pretty much.

From Texas with Love, Swaniel Rose Angel Ambrosia Morgan

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