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Update: 8.7.15 Edition

Published August 7, 2015 by swanielwolfambrosia2010

Brothers + Sisters of the Social Scene:

As you have noticed, I blogged about the sentencing trial of James Holmes, the heartless bastard behind the Aurora, Colorado, movie theater shooting 3 years ago, as I watched on Youtube live.  Life.  No parole.  Damn.

Let us get to my life, as follows:

Mrs. Jacquez, aka Jackie Medina, our first nurse that comes over and cleans and cooks, is now my mother + father’s SS rep payee.  I will be very busy for the rest of today, preparing my now-unclean room for a very thorough cleaning and organization that I will have to keep my mind on for a very long time. New bed, clean clothes, a clean room….I’m looking forward to this with eyes wide open.

It is gonna be exciting!!!!!

I hate to cut the blogging short, but I must get to work on the cleaning and rearrangements of my room.  If I post a happily neatened room on IG tomorrow (@pikalover2010 is my username to follow, by the way), then you all will know I have done all the work with most brilliantly valiant effort.

Peace + Goodwill Toward Humanity,



Flashback Friday: 08/07/2015 Edition

Published August 7, 2015 by swanielwolfambrosia2010

Brothers + Sisters of the Social Scene:

It has been 3 long, excruciatingly painful years for the victims of the shooting in Aurora, CO, movie theater shooting.  Mr. Holmes has been found guilty.  The jury was assigned to deliberate whether Holmes is to go to life in prison w/o parole or the death penalty.  Either way, the sentence will bring a lot of closure to all victims of the shooting, dead or alive + maimed for life.  I’m watching the live sentencing on my phone, so lessee how it goes….

The jurors are in the courtroom.  The verdict forms are handed to the judge.

Life without the possibility of parole is the final sentence on the first 18 counts of 1st degree murder.
Count 19:  Life without parole.
Count 20:  Life without parole.
Count 21:  Life without parole.
Count 22:  Life without parole.
Count 23:  Life without parole.
Count 24:  Life without parole.

This is tragic for the families of the dead, but, hopefully, closure will be brought to the maimed and their families in time.

Sentencing hearing will be on either 8/24, 8/25, or 8/26.

Now that I’ve heard and watched the whole thing live via YouTube, I only have 4 words to say on this and other trials (take the Jodi Arias trial in mind as well, of course):

The Government is rigged.

I will blog about my life in a few seconds, but, first, I wanted to blog the final sentencing phase for all of you to read, in case you thought you heard wrong.

Peace + Goodwill Towards Humanity,


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