Update: 8.7.15 Edition

Published August 7, 2015 by swanielwolfambrosia2010

Brothers + Sisters of the Social Scene:

As you have noticed, I blogged about the sentencing trial of James Holmes, the heartless bastard behind the Aurora, Colorado, movie theater shooting 3 years ago, as I watched on Youtube live.  Life.  No parole.  Damn.

Let us get to my life, as follows:

Mrs. Jacquez, aka Jackie Medina, our first nurse that comes over and cleans and cooks, is now my mother + father’s SS rep payee.  I will be very busy for the rest of today, preparing my now-unclean room for a very thorough cleaning and organization that I will have to keep my mind on for a very long time. New bed, clean clothes, a clean room….I’m looking forward to this with eyes wide open.

It is gonna be exciting!!!!!

I hate to cut the blogging short, but I must get to work on the cleaning and rearrangements of my room.  If I post a happily neatened room on IG tomorrow (@pikalover2010 is my username to follow, by the way), then you all will know I have done all the work with most brilliantly valiant effort.

Peace + Goodwill Toward Humanity,



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