Frisky on Fire Friday: 11/25/2016 Edition, Also Known As: The EDM On, World Off Edition

Seventeen days ago, Orange 45 rigged ALL OF US.  Now, two weeks and three days later, reality is hitting the fan harder than usual.

Since overnight Sunday, I got scared with laryngitis.  I haven’t used my voice much throughout the whole week, so I should be up and straight by tomrrow morning….or I’ll end up buying Dimetapp Monday.

James, my boyfriend, had his Facebook hacked yet again.  That was a minor scare, contrasted to the aforementioned.  The Force is telling me he’ll be back on with me in a very short while, so, when he’s back on Facebook, I’m damn sure to be ready….and to be on the refire when he talks to me once again.  *fingers crossed*  It’s the second time this year!

Yesterday was fun…but hectic than a motherfucker.  The cooking was done for me, at least.  Cowboys kicked Redskin ass….and the ending wasn’t too happy, believe me.

Today, I was all over the damn place, yet again not leaving me anytime for me to write any posts or record a vlog episode or nothing.  Wednesday was every fucking failed attempt to do episode 13 of The Archangel Diaries, my vlog, all because of adulting.  All I’m thinking is:  If the motherfucking adulting comes back Sunday morning, and the motherfucker gets me so fucking exhausted from doing whatever people want done, and I sleep with no motherfucking me-time left….except late night……I’m killing motherfuckers!  …and nobody wants that, so I keep my mouth closed and do I as I’m told, because there’s no room for jail in my life.  Sad, I know, but it’s unfortunately true.

Now I’m writing post no. 88, while playing Noisia’s song, Machine Gun, on Spotify, on my laptop, and drinking a 2-liter Diet Dr. Pepper……Poor Justin Guarini….this one’s for Prince….and for Justin Guarini.  *light chuckle/lol*

Here’s the plan for the last thirty-seven days of 2016, as follows:

Starting tonight…or tomorrow….or anytime after church at Destiny Sunday, I’ll retry recording Episode XIII for the Archangel Diaries.  If I make through for just 75% of an hour successfully, then successions will follow.

As for Literature Is Medicine….I had to erase all original recordings, due to adulting taking over the time I needed for myself to read (unfairly blasphemous!), so I’ll start from scratch tonight also…with either A Game of Thrones or The Maze Runner….or something.  If succeeded, then Episode 1 will be reopen for publication via social media.  If not, then y’all will have to wait until Sunday, January 1, 2017, to see Episode 1 Part 1 (hella unfairly blasphemous!).  ….nobody wants that wait, either.

In the meantime, there’s still time to clean my room, remake my bed, wash all, and donate some of, my laundry, take the dogs-and myself-for a walk before the shit gets snowed so badly it won’t be such a godly idea to do so until April, revitalize bookshelves, rearrange the windowpane, and get some sleep at night without anxiety over the time for myself taken away….so, if I’m not on the laptop, its’s because I decided to take my nightly medication and soothe myself to sleep with Kenny G earlier than or by 9 pm tonight, y’all.

I’ll be writing more recipes for my foodie blog on WordPress, as well, starting tomorrow morning, the second I’m awoken, so watch for them, too.

That’s going to be it, for now, of course, but, before I go, I have one last thing to say, and that is:

I’m thankful for ALL OF YOU.  The Cosmos Loves Us All.

So, yeah, I’m done now.  See y’all in the morrow.



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