Synchornized Symphonica Sunday: The 06.04.2017 Edition, aka: The Tekken Fighter’s Return Edition

…I write for only two reasons:  to please myself and to please others.  -Stephen King, The Stand:  The Complete & Uncut Edition, A Preface in Two Parts, Part 2:  To Be Read After Purchase (2008 Reprint)

Hey, my CosmiSquad.  It’s been six days since the last post, but let’s cut to the chase of what’s happened since then:

  1. I traded my ASUS for a touchscreen Dell from Rent-A-Center.  This is the first time my mom has co-signed on anything with me, but I’m surely hoping it’ll be the only time in my life.  Tomorrow, I’m paying for the remainder of Week One and all of Week Two of Sixty-Six so I won’t be begging for deals and shit, like my mom did to get hers paid for.
  2. I’m getting audiobook + music CDs copied into my Windows Media Player library as quickly as I can before I get blocked and fined yet again, so I’m being careful this time around.
  3. I’m trying to stay as healthy as I can, and I’m not doing too good a job on that.  Really, I’m not.
  4. Writing recipes from cookbooks will be happening again, and very soon.
  5. Last, but not least, I’m going to be sure to make the screenshots for my Daily Soundtracks consistent with what I’m listening to on a daily basis, starting today.

Today was just another daily game of running around like a headless chicken doing errands.  At least, I’m fed, watered, and cleaned, aren’t I?

As the title theme song of World of Warcraft:  The Wrath of the Lich King is playing on my video game soundtrack radio on Pandora via my Windows X laptop, the operatically silent allergy tears are getting to me, but not in a depressive manner, just reminding me of the upcoming summer solstice.  [Note:  Dan just got online; I had been waiting for him since last night, the poor man.  *sigh*  Isn’t he worth my time and patience, though?]

This came in the mail today; I’m looking forward to reading this tonight, right after this gets postal.

Now, I hate to cut this short, but, before I go, I just want to say thank you to all who have put up with me all this time, since March 2007, so thank you for putting up with me for ten years.  Here’s to the next ten plus years.



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