Things That Take My Breath Away Thursday: 10.05.07: The Art of Reading Is A Sexy Thang Edition

I’d bolted through a closing door/and I would never find myself being bored…  -Pet Shop Boys, Being Boring

It’s been an astoundingly busy couple of days, and all I can say about today is that I’m grateful for all my good efforts, which have replaced my bad efforts in the most beneficially astounding way.  I don’t want to leave this place for another because, honestly, I’d have nothing to do and I’d be stuck in a house all day, trying to search for better, if that happens….again, frankly.  I’m never going to be used to moving around, trust me.  I can’t explain how comfortable I’ve become in my own headquarters.  Back when I was a preteen until days before I turned 22 years old, I couldn’t even fucking do shit with myself.  That was suicidal boredom.  [By the way, if I were Mexican, being raised by Grandma would have been worse than being black, holler if you hear me!]  Now that I’m with my Mom + Pops, with no need to be raised any longer, my life is way easier to bear.  Having to watch my own back can be a bitch, though, when it comes to my food and privacy, but, other than those, I’m fine now.

Now that my reminisce about my days with Grandma is over with, lemme update you with what was on the agenda with my neighbor, Georgie:  He needed some cat litter for his kitten, Cali.  I bought some $13 at the Pet’s Barn, returned it to said supply store, bought a 20 pounder bag for $5, and went to the Big 8 for 99-cent baking soda; in between those, were the 12 cans of Blue Buffalo cat food, the catnip-laced Temptations cat treats, and 2 apples, having me earn $10 for the whole shebang of shit I put up with.  I had already put up a whole load of cans of pop in the fridge, in case he didn’t tell me to do so before (and I forgot!).  I get a second chance with Carl’s Jr.’s Breakfast Burger (yesterday, Mom ate my first one, God bless her, anyway!), since George wasn’t too interested in it.  At least it won’t be so greasy tonight.  *musical chuckle*.

I’m installing 30 updates into my apps on my Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime cell phone right now.  Tonight is going to be a very long night, especially when I have to watch what I eat around my son, Otis James William Smith-Kincaid (yes, my Chihuahua wants what I eat; holla if you hear me!).  I can’t always go apeshit on him, otherwise the animal control is on my ass for that, okay?  I can only tolerate so much of the little one.

I just washed myself before I went on typing this.  So, here’s the agenda, once I add this to my posted roster as no. 100:  Get off the keyboard, turn off my Spotify, go to my bed, read my book, go to sleep by 9 pm tonight.  So, I’ll update tomorrow, if anything.  See you on the 5 am up stretch.



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