Things That Piss Me the Fuck Off Tuesday: 10.31.2017: The First EXCLUSIVE Halloween Edition!

Keep reading-don’t let anyone stop you.  –Maximum Ride:  The Angel Experiment

My brothers + sisters of the Universal Social Scene:

This is the very first annual Halloween blog special that I’ve ever done in my 9 years of blogging.  I’m just going to jump into what pisses me the fuck off this week, and, as for y’all, just fasten your seatbelts, because it’s a killer Thriller ride tonight.  Let’s get started with a certain ratchet bitch by the last name of DeVos:

Look at that bitch, all dressed for Halloween.  Way to ruin Halloween, bitches!  That had pissed me the fuck off so bad, I wish I could dress up as them next year, post the pictures on social media and see how they’d feel if I fucked up their shit by impersonating O. 45 + Pennywise’s two of their three main lying-ass hoes.  Ugh, I have no words for this horrid motherfucking catastrophe.  Do you dig me, my USS brethren?  No words.

What’s pissed me off worse than that:  The motherfucking NY’ers getting plowed by an Uzbekistani asshole today…..  I know one thing about a future in a country named Panem:  If we don’t get out and impeach all the bitches and pimps out….we will be Panem, and that’s my final say on this.  Please don’t tell me I didn’t ever tell you so, just believe me on this actual thing.  [By the way, if I actually misspelled what a resident of Uzbekistan wholly, please tell me, because I type quickly when upset, so I’m sorry +Thank you in Advance.  Damn…]

Over the course of the last time I blogged, which I can’t recall for shit, I got replacement copies of musicals and other music albums, the seven book collection of A Song of Ice + Fire, + the 2 Black Widow YA novels.  I don’t even know what’s wrong with the camera on this device, but I’ll figure something out, you dig me?

As for the my Dearly Beloved public library, which is getting a renovation 5 years overdue, starting 6 days from now, there’s going to be free books at the rear of the place this Saturday, so, it’s going to be a huge book haul on Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, and, of course, on here, too, if I please to.  So many books, so little time.  I can’t wait to show you my haul that day; it’s just so exciting to have free books!  Especially when it’s on the first Saturday of November, Yay!

Before I get off, please be safe, be kind, and be vigilant on assholes, not teenagers, tonight!  Until tomorrow,



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